Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Social Audit Society Kerala (MGNSASK)


Government of India requested all states to expedite the setting up of Independent society tasked with the exclusive responsibility of conducting Social Audits of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA.  In this  regard,, all State Governments were also advised to refrain from setting up of Social Audit Units (SAU) within their respective State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) or engaging Non Government Organisations (NGO) and it was pointed out that this would violate the fundamental provision of Independent Social Audits, as mandated in the Social Audit Rules. Accordingly,   Government  of  Kerala  as per GO (Rt)No.3906/2015/LSGD, Dated, 30.12.2015   have accorded sanction to set up an independent Social Audit Society in the State for the conduct of Social Audit of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA.  The Society is registered under Travancore Cochin Charitable Society’s Act 1955 (with No.TVM/TC/123/2017  dated,31.01.2017 of the District Registrar, Co-operatives, Thiruvananthapuram,).



The Social Audit Unit (Mahatma Gandhi NREGA  Social Audit Society Kerala) is a facilitating unit providing  conduct of Social Audit, Training, Evaluation, Monitoring  and Regulatory Support to the Social Audit as envisaged in the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Social Audit Rules of 2011.



To establish a vigilant Society for effectively conducting Social Auditing of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS in the state based on the principles of Transparency, Participation, Consultation and Accountability.



Involve public vigilance and verification of quantity and quality of works under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS  at different  stages of implementation in every Grama  Panchayat as a continuous  and ongoing process.



  • To ensure involvement of all stakeholders in the planning, decision making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS.
  • To ensure public accountability and transparency in the implementation of projects under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS and the laws and policies related to Mahatma Gandhi NREGA.
  • A fact finding process by investigating through cross verification of facts at work sites and duties and responsibilities of labourers involved in the scheme.
  • Ensure people’s participation for community development through Mahatma Gandhi NREG



The management  of the affairs of the society is proposed to be vested with the Governing Body and Director of the Society.


Governing Body:

The Governing Body of the SAU will be responsible for overseeing the performance of the unit on a periodic basis and provide the necessary advice and direction as and when needed.